For those having difficulty with Natural Grounding...

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For those having difficulty with Natural Grounding...

Postby mr_marcus07 » Sat Feb 14, 2009 9:31 pm

Have you been wondering what to focus on?

Wondering what to be looking out for?

thinking about what to expect? Hoping that you will feel changes?

Wanting something to happen? Worrying about something happening?

Have you been thinking to yourself "I wonder if i'm doing this right?..." "I wonder when i'm going to start seeing some results?"

I suggest that if you want to see fast change and results-

Change your focus.

Here's what you focus should be when natural grounding...

ENJOY IT. It's as simple as that. Any focus on results, needing things to happen, worrying- is all going to get in the way of emotion.

Emotion is the key to change. when you start getting emotional about the natural character of women, this is when your reality will start changing- and women will begin responding to your like never before.

so just enjoy it.

Enjoy what you're seeing. Enjoy Palmy
Enjoy the music

Enjoy the emotions you're feeling.

This simple tip applies to everything where success with women is concerned- I think it's another thing that takes the neediness and "approach anxiety" fear etc out of the equation. Stop focussing on a result and what you're going to get out of it (by it i mean everything, social interactions, meeting women, relationships etc.)
And just focus on enjoying it.

Apply this to everything in life- just enjoy it. It takes all the pressure away.

If you're ever thinking "why am i going out tonight"? Just enjoy it. Go out to enjoy yourself?

You see a beautiful women you want to approach- you might start thinking about why you should approach her, you're thinking about how to get her phone number or what to say, how to approach etc etc. this is what causes all the emotional tension and anxiety.

FUCK THAT. Just think to yourself- enjoy it.

Go and talk to her, with the aim of enjoying it. It should dissolve all of the pressure away.

Need a reason to speak to people around you when you go out? Because you enjoy it. Your aim should be to enjoy it- the interaction, meeting people.

Enjoy meeting new people.
Enjoy meeting and talking to women.
Enjoy natural grounding.
Enjoy life.

Just focus on enjoying EVERYTHING.
this should releive your worries and answer a lot of your questions
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Postby seek » Sat Feb 14, 2009 10:51 pm

Thank you Marcus.

This is a wonderful post.

I think this will really help with not only natural grounding but with everything.

It's interesting because when I first start doing something I just enjoy because it's new and exciting. Then when I start getting results I get really excited and then instead of simply continuing with what I'm doing and enjoying I start worrying about doing it right.
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Postby Naled » Sun Feb 15, 2009 5:46 pm

Of course...
If you talk to a girl with the ego voices in your head, you will have pressure, and it's all neediness to fill your inner lack anyway, how selfish!

Instead of just being there happy to be alive and make her day..
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Postby blanch133 » Mon Jun 28, 2010 12:31 am

I came across this concept in a book about I was reading about thailand. It is "... the wide reaching philosophy of 'fun' which crass as it sounds, Thais do their best to inject into any situation, even work."
Finally... some people who take not being serious seriously :P
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Re: For those having difficulty with Natural Grounding...

Postby Axeman » Wed May 11, 2011 4:09 am

I agree with marcus here. I was having a hard time, I mean a really hard time getting emotional while grounding the last few weeks. I would cry sometimes, but it's like I forced it and I could tell it wasn't a good grounding session. But a few days ago I got so angry with not being able to get emotional that I just said, "fuck it."

That was my attitude. Fuck it. I didn't worry about getting emotional, or if I was doing it right. I decided to just watch it for the sake of watching it. And then it happened. Palmy's energy just affected me so greatly that I started busting out in tears. And then kissing you by snsd. That's a great one too.

But Marcus is right you can't be worrying if it's going to get you results. Because if your worrying about getting results with women, then your in a lower beta state of conciousness. If your grounding so you'll get women, then your probably still valuing skin and sexploitation at that moment because that's what makes us desire women so much. We need to ground so we can love women and just enjoy their spirit.

When you just ground because you love the natural alphas' energy, then you actually get emotional and then real growth can happen. In other words you can't force it, so let go of all your worries and just ground because it makes you feel good.
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