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Postby aztecsfinest » Sat Aug 08, 2009 11:25 am

Rion's right when he says visualisations are wavering.

This can be used to great advantage though!

Lately because I've been internetually challenged, I resorted to visualisations. And since the mind and body are very much so connected some magical things start happening.

This can be a supplement to mindreels.

When I was nicely grounded one day, which also the day I got my "Mind Reading" ability I went out, and immediatly I saw all of the eyes of these women on me, some male eyes and female eyes. All looking at me differently.

Some conversations with shop assistants, I got smiling "I like you" eyes, from one woman with her boyfriend I got these "I want you" eyes. You may have your own interpretation of what they read like.

Some of them gave me a very good feeling, that warm feeling that comes from being around women who you suddenly feel like it wuld be a good idea to put your arm around her.

So here's the Technique

Get some of the most best eye contact if you've ever had with women, eyes that seemed to draw you in. And run these in the movies in your mind, women standing right in front of you giving you all these smiling expressions and "I want you" looks.

Visualise talking to these women, this trains you in getting to know your energies, when it's right to touch the woman or put your arm around her. Because your body reacts to it like it's happening!

No kissing:P That's fantasy.

This is very useful if you live in an area with out a lot of Natural women, or open women.

To make something "your reality" is not really much so in "beliefs" but the pictures you have going on in your head. Often, the pictures going on in your head match whatever is in your life right now, this is how the LOA works by the way!
More on that another time!

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