An experiment in powering up natural grounding...

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An experiment in powering up natural grounding...

Postby dominance » Wed Jul 22, 2009 12:54 pm

I've experimented with a few ways of natural grounding. Both with my ideas and ideas i've got from other guys on the forum.

I've found that for just grounding while listening to the song in the videos and the music isn't the best for me. I've found it better putting it on silent and listening to other powerful music (without words) such as Hanz Zimmer soundtracks.

So my experiment is.

1. Brainwaves - Your mind has different brainwaves depending on what your doing or if your asleep or whatever. Alpha, theta, delta are the main ones. The one you want is theta, it is usually occuring just before sleep or just on waking. It is the optimal brainwave to be in to program your brain because your subconscious is accessed better in this state.

Play a theta brainwave entrainment track starting a few minutes before grounding to get your brainwaves into it and relax.. and play all the way through the grounding. A free program is http://www.bwgen.com there is a deep meditation track that is theta and probably a few others that you can check when you run it.

I use Neuro Programmer 2, you can download a trial version here http://www.transparentcorp.com/products/np/download.php

Any of the theta soundtracks is a good option here, I like the 50 minute one. I sit with my eyes closed the first 10 mintues and breathe, then natural ground, and after a bit of that if it is still going sit and breathe and visualize the natural character of women myself without the videos.

2. Have your natural grounding resource on silent. Unless its somebodies mindrell with music already, that is ok.

Such as my mind reel

Or the great mindreel by ingree05

If your just watching normal Palmy or Nicole Theriault (both my favourite) or other music videos. While they are on silent you will listen to powerful music. Most Hanz Zimmer stuff is good such as -

The Last Of The Mohicans Soundtrack.
Batman Begins Soundtrack.

Those 2 are the main ones i've used. So any other ideas from you guys would be good. Others have been posted around the place here i've noticed too.

3. Record your own afformations to play throughout this whole process aswell. I recommend audacity (free program) http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/ get your microphone and record some afformations. Add qualifiers to make them more powerful.. e.g easily, effortlessly, powerfully.. words like that to make it stronger.

For example, the ones I use are.

1. How powerfully can I bring out the natural sexuality of all women?

2. How easily and quickly can I connect with the natural sexuality inside all women?

3. How excited and joyous am I that I am effortlessly bringing out the natural character and natural sexuality of all women I meet?

4. How powerfully, easily and effortlessly can these permanent changes to my own natural character brightly shine through now?

5. How quickly and effortlessly can I let the energy of natural sexuality flow throughout my being to easily and powerfully cause permanent pysiological change?

6. How much can I possibly enjoy this entire process of natural grounding and how fun can it possibly be?

You want these afformations on repeat the whole time while doing this. And let all that stuff work in the background and simply focus on the energy of the natural sexuality in the videos you are watching.

Now, what will happen when you do this for a while? I don't know yet, i've just started the process. But I am excited to find out. I've taken several different things i've researched and tried seperately and feel that combining them together will make everything more powerful.

It will take a little work to put this all together, but will be worth it.

I'd like it if you post comments and also let me know your results. I will also post my results about it after doing it for a while.

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