My first week of grounding!

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My first week of grounding!

Postby ireland » Thu Jul 09, 2009 8:04 pm

this is my first post here and I'm very glad to be here.
I found Rion's stuff around the 1st of july and bought the MGW after all i've seen so far in the community, the dynamics of how women changed over the last 100 years esp. in America was the piece that I didn't understand. it opened my eyes to see what i think was mising all this time. After the read I decided to get SAM and the free stuff that came with it. I started doing NG the following day.
here's how it's been going so far...
Day 1
this is kinda weird, I thought i gave up this j-pop thing when i was 15?
Day 2
hmm, look at the way she smiles, twirls, she's so happy?
I feel really good, still seems weird, but I don't hear that ego voice as much, I feel cleaner somehow?
Day 4
I cry a bit sway in my chair and move to the beat, I feel very warm inside I have a shiteatin grin on my face leaning forward about three inches from the screen.
Day 5
I became kind of entranced, curling into a ball on my chair, head lapped on my wrists feeling like a schoolgirl, who just saw -him- for the first time.
Day 6
added my alpha playlist of songs that make me jump around in my room and dance, feelings to grounding were similar to day 5, my energy was fantastic, carried it though almost the whole day!
Day 7
I'm hearing the songs in my head even when I'm not grounding I've been walking down the street bouncing as i "hear"them. I'd been trying to write a book the last few months but hadn't written anything in two, on day 7 I wrote 12 pages, of the best most inspired stuff I had ever written.

It's very interesting to me how quickly this is happening, I'd been doing affirmations for over a year (CS stuff), and working with other materials for 2 1/2 years but this is the longest time where I have not had the pendulum effect ( one day great, next crap). it seems very simple to me now, here is what i'm doing.
NG for about 45 Min. then dancing listening to my favorite songs for about 30-60min, working out, watching comedy shows for about an hour then re-grounding for 45 min- 90 min. ( This is My summer break so I'm not really busy) all Im doing is continually pumping my own state. but the strangest thing for me so far is that I haven't had to "try"to ground, I actually want to do it, like eating a good steak, I've never had such an enthusiasm for almost any of the self-help stuff i've done in the past.

What experiences have you guys had with this, in terms of moderatig al ups and downs, just feeling very happy throughout the day, etc..

the last thing I noticed about myself is that instead of trying to be in the moment and feeling the inner body, and being present, I just find myself doing it then 20 min. into the conversation I realize that I hadn't been thinking. this is after tons of meditation and listening to massive doses of Eckhart Tolle while struggling.

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Postby jared2010 » Thu Jul 09, 2009 8:15 pm

Hi ireland,

gets better. Did you read your bonuses already, they came with the register email, lots of good stuff.

Alpha state grounding is good, it opens the creativity fast, not that there is lack of it anyway, but it is more constant. In time you may even develop an ability to get emotional without listening to alpha state music.
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Postby ireland » Sat Jul 11, 2009 7:22 pm

So far I've gone through MGW, bonus 1, MM, NGG, Inner/outer game talk, and the interview with Xuma.
I really like what i've seen this far, it seems to fill in the gaps that were causing frustration, and bringing out more of my own natural character.
The only thing iffy, so far, is that I've been trying so long, that now if I'm not directly connecting I find myself sitting and listening and not doing much, but I'm sure i'll figure out how to incorperate this, just need to find the in and outs. :D
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Postby jared2010 » Sat Jul 11, 2009 7:58 pm

Good! Exellent!

Remember, there are these great women who have the same dreams than you. You really don´t have to fight against other realities, but to connect with other beautiful realities. When you become aware of this, you literally connect! Winwin relationships.
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Postby aztecsfinest » Sat Jul 25, 2009 4:03 pm

It gets much better, I've been a few months in myself I can practically read the womans mind!

David D, Mystery, all of them teach you about IOIs and your own body language and theres non stop.

A few months of natural grounding and you know it without even picking up a book!

Also that warm feeling you get in your stomach, when another girls gets it in your vicinity, that's a very good sign!

You can pick up just about any PUA ebook, and know what the Naturals mean when the PUAs are complaining about their inability to explain their world.

"Just talk to her"

"Dude shes just a girl"

"Be confident"

"Just be yourself"

"They're just as messed up about it as we are"

"I just... Know!"

Hey, are you FROM Ireland? I'm from Hibernia, which is French for Wicklow....... Failed French.
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