insight-why was natural grounding hard in the beginning

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insight-why was natural grounding hard in the beginning

Postby shay2000 » Thu May 28, 2009 10:06 am

Yesterday I was having my Zen natural grounding session, and I had an insight. I'm doing my grounding with Palmy- she is without a doubt- the best natural alpha\ yin alpha.
then why did it seem like when I first stared grounding with her - I was sometimes having a rough time to conect to her energy, MMmm
Then I had a moment of clear mind and the answer just came up.

We all have different levels of social conditioning- we alraedy know that by now. But for me: in the past, I used to watch alot of MTV. All those social alphas- the untenable prize- the hot sizzling steak that acts like it is better then you- you want but can't have.
So when you watch something like this for a long time (and all the women around you are acting like that too) it starts to affect your thoughts and
physiology- thus, creating nero-pathways in the brain of memories that women are the prize and you are at the bottom.
All this we already know by now. So what is my insight, well:

Now I realized that everytime Palmy made a move, a posture, a facial expression that reminded me a little bit about beyonce, britney, jessica simpson, my thoughts would immediately reject her saying:
She is not natural, it's all bull shit....
Even though Palmy never acts like them, our previous thought patterns with a combination of our imagination can sometimes find similarity- even if it is hardly or not even there.
After a long period of giving up MTV + Natural Grounding - this hardly ever happens to me now.
But as we all know, old nero-pathways in the brain are hard to erase,
so if once in a while a thought pops up and says: look Palmy is just like beyonce.... I just ignore this thought without trying to push it away or fight it. And I also use my Zen question technique to send the mind to a clear mind state.

So just keep grounding and don't worry if from time to time you are having problems. It's not your fault for the dam social conditioning:
http://i.a.cnn.net/si/features/2007_swi ... nce_10.jpg
you want ah? you want ah?
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Postby create » Mon Jun 01, 2009 9:20 am

Brilliant observation, our old thought patterns are relentless

since having spent time with Zan, I have a different view on the social alpha, I'm at the point where I can appreciate it most of the time without being powerless, sometimes though I still find myself with the social conditioning of "she's serious, she might be a bitch etc..."

I approached such a woman yesterday, cute petite blonde with a serious look about her, I went up to her and told her what was on my mind, openly told her I found her attractive and we had a great conversation on our bus ride, she turned out to be one of the friendliest girls I have met and she liked me as well

and everytime I approach the most beautiful women, I am for the most part proven wrong about my initial assumption, women are not the scary and unattainable creatures we have been made to believe they are, and that's what makes me angry now if anything, my resentment towards women is gone, it's just the fact that I've been socially conditioned that gets to me, but honestly it's only a fragment now, I can't seem to find myself that pissed off, which is probably a good thing :lol:

Natural Grounding is definitely helping me in a way that I am not conscious of, even in the times when I don't really feel anything
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Postby aztecsfinest » Thu Jun 04, 2009 4:28 pm

I figured this before Rion when I was a KJ n the davidd forums.
I was heavy into NLP.

Generalisations, they're a form of limiting belief. If you're young and meet a group of black skinned people who beat the shit out of you, naturally you're gonna be a bit rascist. IF you get burned you learn fire is hit and to stay away from it. If you're main experience of women is porn and TV you're gonna have an awkward view on women.

When you're a caveman, and are chased by a leopard and see him eat one of your friends, you're gonna know that leopards are kinda dangerous.

THe generalisation in this case is, that everytime a woman does something pornographic or whatever, you're gonna be attracted to that, you're gonna be interested in her. When a woman is acting naturally, you wont be.

If Palmy doesn't represent your experience of women in the slightest, it's gonna be a while till real women become a part of your day.

Palmy is natural in every way, I see her on stage and she';s being herself. shes a performer alright, a brilliant performer. In now way is she "trying" to do anything though. She electrifies the audience just being her charismatic self.

The dangers of the generalisations are, that if you're seeing these pornographic behaviours in women, it won't be long till you see them in ALL women. Anytime a girl is lying down, or is kneeling down, or on all fours or doing just about anything.

Regardless of age by the way!

That's how generalisations work. You don't get bitten by a doberman at age 3 and suddenly only fear dobermans!

Stick to RELM!

Good post Shay, helping out the new people, and a bit of fear mongering by aztecsfinest. Rational fear mongering though.
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