"I'm friends with everyone" Affirmation

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"I'm friends with everyone" Affirmation

Postby zuprion » Sun Aug 21, 2011 7:12 am

Try doing this as a vocal and then silent affirmation during a natural grounding session while egoless. Then when you go out continue it for the entire night in your mind silently, literally no matter what is happening (unless what is happening is sex itself) :p. Talk to anyone within proximity to you. It's important to assume familiarity but also at the same time not be looking for any reaction from anyone, so you come off as it kind of being a given that it doesn't matter what their response is but in a subtle way (not arrogantly). This particular affirmation will definitely set your overall energy frequency to a friendly one (which is perfect), which means it's also eliminating any possibility of your ego creeping in and setting some expectation that you have to "number close" or "pick up women", which I've come to realize just by their existence in your mindset are power give aways.

Women respond to the frame you set so always be aware of that. If you set the stupid "pick up" frame with your energy, then she's going to be on guard because that frame dictated you WANT something, which is the brother of neediness. I'm not saying that you shouldn't be direct and get numbers, just that when you first meet a woman, why put her on the spot when you can just be friendly with her, while (here's the key) KEEPING YOUR POWER without trying. Remember grade school in the school yard? Same thing. Simple. If someone had talked about "pick up", you would have laughed at them. I fell victim to it too at one point, but I'm telling you: get rid of it.

You can't become a natural if you have a pick up mind set. Naturals don't think, they just ARE. The thing that's really funny (yet used to be agonizing) about getting good with women is that your only goals really should be how to become completely comfortable being you, and then to be able to be EXACTLY the same way around all men, women, children, and squirrels. Singling women out in terms of thinking you need to behave differently is a mistake from the get go. Now that I'm saying it, doesn't it sound SOOOOO OBVIOUS?? (yet why also so fleeting..frustrating...yet DUH?)

Make your goal simply getting your energy grounded in shakti and yang, and then when you go out your (non sexual) energy in the moment should just be a friendly vibe, and strive to be able to talk to women easily for as long as you want. You should be thinking: how can I get to where I can just talk to any women for as long as I want to stand there and just talk to her, and then if I want to walk away and go get a slice of pizza I'll just say well nice talking to you and walk away. When you go in just being present saying what's up using your I'm friends with everyone affirmation, she can put her guard down. THAT'S what you want, because then the attraction can flow between you at all (energy/social) levels.

If you ever want to ask for a woman's # or give her yours, the idea to do that needs to occur at that moment (NOT BEFORE YOU WALK UP TO HER!), because then it will come out naturally. (I'm not saying some guys can't pull it off that they plan things, but I am questioning why they would want to do it when it's just unecessary.) If you just go in with the idea of "I'm friends with everyone" (even though you know she'll be attracted) and if it turns out she's single/available, and you in fact are interested in her still after talking to her, then she'll eventually be asking you for your number. lol

Lastly, this technique is more about using an affirmation almost like a mantra so the subconscious starts to assume it and it becomes your default energy vibe. It's incredibly liberating because it enables you to take all of the stupid pressure off yourself that you have to do something when you're around a women! It just works. You'll also make a lot of new connections, even guy friends. Eventually, it will jut be part of who you are, so you won't need the affirmation, but using it in the moment is part of the key because the law of attraction works through the energy, while also reinforcing your new reality right in front of your eyes, so you won't have to believe it, you'll just know it, then it becomes second nature: You are friends with everyone, and you are more than friends with some women. Eh hehe
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Re: "I'm friends with everyone" Affirmation

Postby mpgamer55 » Mon Aug 29, 2011 9:59 am

This is awesome. Takes affirmations to a new level. It's not just a ego thing when done in this way. Everyone wins. This is higher consciousness.

I'll be doing this in future.
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