Some Notes on OPG + Unstoppable Liberty in Public

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Some Notes on OPG + Unstoppable Liberty in Public

Postby Rion » Sat Jul 02, 2011 3:17 pm

for those interested in grounding and meeting women as well as the higher empowerment of truly being independent, free and unstoppable in public:

as far as expecting results with grounding and meeting women, there are other external dynamics at play which take more applied relational mastery, independence and sustainment of state (open polarity, exo communication).

once you're truly independent from the outcome and not affected (just anyways) you can just go up to and talk with any number of women whether you're rejected or not.

that's the real secret to meeting women and once you have it, you carry it with you wherever you go b/c you just do (more than) enough to get enough numbers to get some physical dates (if you're single and dating).

it'll never be 100% but you accept those variables for what they are and don't let them affect you. as a man, generally you do have to take that lead so it's tiring of hearing all these guys saying n.g. doesn't work or when they're just not taking action to meet enough women.

if you are taking actions it could be any number of variables. i'd find your weaknesses/blocks with you live in 2 of your approaches or generally within 5 minutes of phone coaching.

as still single (i'll) go to any u.s. or world city and start collecting numbers/facebooks, meeting new people and getting things started socially there if that's my priority. done it many times and most importantly, it's having that capability and knowing you're worthy. anywhere.

(and you are, you just have to know it. relational mastery is having that power and knowing that you ARE equal to all other sources of power/cause or influence. you accept your worthiness and your power.

you don't allow others to be 'above' you relationally. they can only be equal in power b/c you only allow interdependence. socially or whatever they may be 'above you' on that lower conscious scale but in energy? we're all equal and powerful; you're just seeing separation or diluted dynamics at lower levels of conscious reality)

the actions aren't difficult at all once you've got certain things mastered you just don't let anything throw you off from your frame of reality; truly independent from the external.

you have to be the cause and not the response/affect of others reality and you have to accept that power. that was the experience when i first did OPG, it felt refreshing and authentically real to finally be the FULL ON ME (in public) who i was supposed to be not CARING what others thought and not suppressing myself for them when i walked into that lobby and out in D.C...i felt 'at cause' (remember i did induction style grounding for YEARS where i closed it off after my private sessions) so i know you guys can do it. you have to accept that power and not let anything cause or influence or suppress your state.

b/c of the lower consciousness that mostly exists 'out there' this becomes even more important but the good news is that you are the peak and can bring other people up to your level by being @ cause.

most men would still be attached to the outcome and haven't reached the level of etienne, marcus or I have with that but you all have that potential. it's priceless when you do though and using a mixture of techniques including sedona can accelerate the process.

it took me some dedicated time (although not too much) to achieve that level of applied reality (in barcelona). it's something i can train on more if people are interested.
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