Favorite Energy/Yin Alpha Women

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Favorite Energy/Yin Alpha Women

Postby Rion » Wed Mar 23, 2011 4:39 am

Keep in mind this is a general, energy value list through the filter of my holistic supporting-ego (circa march 2011)

14. Taeyeon (S.N.S.D.)
13. Hyoyeon (S.N.S.D.)
12. Annita
12. Lanna Commins
11. Sooyoung (S.N.S.D.)
10. Katreeya English
9. Bell (China Doll)
8. Pamela Bowden
7. Sunny (S.N.S.D.)
6. Bua Chompoo Ford
5. Nicole Theriault
4. Pim (Zaza/Pop Angels)
3. YaYa Ying
2. Jennifer Politanont
1. Palmy

This list has changed from my previous (unlisted) list and is also subject to change. The only thing that hasn’t changed are my Top 2; Jenny and Palmy. They’ve been locked in for years now.

There are some general changes if we’re referring to early Kat vs. today Kat…also the only Pambo reference I have is from circa 2001. For energy today I would otherwise put YaYa Ying quite a bit down the list but her early years were off the charts and she was part of my core awakening.

And other small things like I prefer Hyoyeon although Tiffany and other members have brighter energy (S.N.S.D.). Pambo was the fastest riser.

The cool thing for you? I want you to make your OWN list; but only do this after you’ve had enough experience and been locked into e3 values for a while. Maybe start with a Top 5 list.

You do want to personalize this process…sure it’s bringing in some of the ego but it’s for a holistic cause (and you can have a separate list purely based on e3 values as well).

If you're new or experienced with natural grounding, these are great reference points. Buy and/or find everything you can of theirs on video.

Who are your favorites? It'd be nice to see a general list. We can also evaluate just the SNSD girls separately.
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Re: Favorite Energy/Yin Alpha Women

Postby Ivanovich » Wed Mar 23, 2011 10:18 am

well, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone by now that showgirls are my favorites. I'm aware that Jenny and Yaya Ying have stronger energy - but I still prefer to ground to showgirls as a group. Palmy is my 2nd favorite (though strongest in energy). I've done a lot of Super Coyote lately and I have VCD's by Nicole, Bua, Pim etc. But I simply like Showgirls and Palmy so much that I have probably done 90% of all my grounding to just those.
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Re: Favorite Energy/Yin Alpha Women

Postby jonathondd » Thu Mar 24, 2011 1:32 am

Palmy is far and away the #1. She's actually the only one to have ever moved me to tears. I've been grounding to SNSD and Showgirls for awhile now, and they always make me feel great and full of energy- but as soon as I went back to Palmy I felt overwhelmed.

#2 SNSD's Sunny, there's absolutely no time where her presence didn't erase all my memories. I can't help but focus on her on whatever video I see her in and forget the entire world.

#3 for me is SNSD's Tiffany. She's just so absolutely girly. For me she's an example of someone who doesn't stand out too much in the music videos- but if you check out all the variety shows or interviews she's in, her feminine energy is just so obvious and powerful I feel it all over my body.

#4 is SNSD's Taeyeon- like Tiffany her energy is good on the music videos, but the variety shows are where she really shines.
This short 13 second clip is super-addicting

After that its kind of a mix, for example I love how outspoken and "in her body" Hyoyeon is in all of the videos I've seen her in. Sooyoung and Yoona are also very enjoyable, they're both sweet but with a very playful side. Katreeya, Bell(yes!), YaYa Ying, and Jenny are best for me when they're all together. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBv_VTSA2SI
Kon Jai Ngai is by far one of my favorite grounding

I've been focusing on SNSD a lot more mainly because there are just more high quality(and quantity) youtube videos with them than anyone else. And new stuff keeps on coming. At first the only ones that really stuck out to me were Sunny, Yuri, and Taeyeon. But after watching all the TV shows they're in, you get to see them being themselves instead of being directed and can feel the value in every single one of them.
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