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Subliminal Natural Grounding!

Postby mpgamer55 » Fri Mar 18, 2011 11:06 am

SubGrounding? Don't you love pseudo scientific sounding jargon? :P

I got this idea a couple years ago when I signed up for the mind movies program. They had a subliminal video software that lets you play transparent videos on your desktop. This way you could watch your mind movies while you did your normal comp work/web browsing or whatever.

Problem was that they charged $20 a month just to use the software. Needless to say I didn't keep paying a monthly fee to use an application that should have been included with mind movies to begin with.

I searched for other programs that did the same but the only subliminal software I found was for affirmations that flashed up on the screen for a microsecond.

Luckily, I recently found a free program that supports videos. Just to clarify this isn't the traditional flashing of images so quick you can't see them. It actually just plays the video normally but with transparency so you can still see what you are doing on the computer.

So now you can constantly ground while doing your work/surfing at your computer(I'm grounding as I type this) or even... dare I say it... while grounding haha. DoubleGrounding? GroundingSquared?

The even greater thing about this is that everything you do is filtered through NG. Your whole reality is processed through polarity. Some online ad teasing you with fantasy T & A? Some news article you don't agree with? No problem, I can barely see them since Palmy is dancing on the screen smiling at me. Got the urge to look up some internet porn? SNSD smiles and winks ;). Awww, nevermind I'm good. This is Relational Mastery!

The program is called My Desktop Therapist.

I just noticed that this app has already been mentioned on the RELM forum before. I just never got around to reading those posts. I haven't seen anyone mention using it for videos. Just SpeedGrounding with images.

This program is for PC only. (XP, Vista) It worked for me on Windows 7 as well. The program does require email activation but it is completely free. They do offer paid resources that you can purchase that give you canned affirmations, images, audio, and EFT tips. I didn't buy any of it since I'm just using it for NG but, the program works with all kinds of media so you can customize it however you wish.

The website also says video support is in the beta phase so it may have some bugs. I got it working on 2 different pcs though. It can be finicky about file formats but most work fine with a little tweeking. (see instructions below)

I'm including a basic tutorial below on how to extract video from youtube or vcds to use with this app. This comes with no troubleshooting since I don't have time for it and there are already hundreds of tech forums you can visit online.


1. To extract from youtube first you'll have to grab the file and download it to your pc. To do this download and install Nirsoft VideoCacheView. http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/videocacheview_setup.exe

2. Open VideoCacheView and go to youtube. The videos currently being downloaded should show up in the list. You can right-click it and select play selected file to make sure its the right video. If you have alot of old ones still stored in the cache then you can delete them or clear your history on your web browser to make things easier.

Wait for the download to complete on youtube, then right- click the filename, select copy selected files to, browse to the folder you want it in and click ok.

3. You should now have an .flv file in the folder you saved it in. In order to view this file you can use VLC Player (http://www.videolan.org/vlc/) which will play almost any file type. Once you've tested it and made sure its the right file and looks good then you can rename it. Next, you'll want to install video codecs so Desktop Therapist can play them.


Install these video codecs so mydesktoptherapist can decode different video formats like flv. Mpgs seem to work fine without these codecs but if you plan on using flvs or other formats you'll want to install these. Be sure to install in this order so everything will go smoothly.

1. Download and install K-lite codec pack. http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/KL ... 94057842/1
The basic version works fine for our purposes. They have more advanced ones with more features for videophiles. I left all the settings on default during installation. It may ask you to remove some items in your registry that are broken. I selected to remove them but, it may not be needed.

2. Download and install Combined Community Codec Pack. http://www.cccp-project.net/
It might ask you to disable the Gabest MP4 splitter. Select yes. Continue with install. I kept everything at default settings here.

Once the codecs are installed you might want to restart your computer.


1. To extract the raw video data you'll want to use a program like MagicISO. Download and install MagicISO. http://www.magiciso.com/download.htm

The trial version will work fine for extracting vcds but you can purchase the full version if you'd like.

Open MagicISO. Click Tools, Make ISO from CD/DVD-ROM, select the drive the vcd is in. Under Output format select BIN/CUE. Under Output file browse to the folder you want to save the Bin/Cue file to, type in the filename you want to name it, click save, then click OK to begin ripping the vcd.

When its finished you should have a bin and cue file saved in your output folder. Now you'll want to convert them into mpgs to make them viewable.

2. To convert the files you can use a great program called vcdgear. Download and unzip it. http://www.vcdgear.com/download.html

Open vcdgear. Extraction/Conversion should be set to cue/bin > mpeg. Make sure Fix MPEG Errors is checked. This helps prevent any unwanted video artifacts.

Click load, browse to your output folder, select your cue file, click open, then it should say Save As, here you want to select the folder you want your mpg files saved to, save as type .mpg, click save, you should get a message saying the Binary file could not be opened, click the bin file, click open.

Then click start and each track should be extracted and converted to mpg. Check your output folder and test the files to make sure they play. Now you can load them into My Desktop Therapist.


Once you have your mpgs and flvs saved on your computer then open mydesktoptherapist. Click Programs, Create, Enter a name, Click videos, then add file, and browse to the folder you saved your vids, select your video files, click open. Repeat to add as many videos as you want.

Then click start, it will ask if you want to save the changes, click yes. Under the drop down for current program select the program you created, then click the play button and enjoy.

To adjust the transparency of the video, select Settings, then the Video tab. I usually leave it around 70 or 80 but you can adjust it as desired.

You can still do more empowered emotional grounding sessions separately. Or you can even mix the two by playing emotional videos simultaneously in the background with NG overlaid on top, or vice versa. The possibilities are endless!

This technique has now become one of my primary ways to ground since it can be left on virtually all the time. I think this will help alot of people form the habit of grounding since its automatic now. If you're on your computer then you're grounding.

Welcome to constant natural grounding boys!
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Re: Subliminal Natural Grounding!

Postby mpgamer55 » Wed May 11, 2011 8:34 am

Yeah, I can see what you mean. This is more of a subconscious thing. Since you can leave it on most of the time, you are basically constantly grounding when at your computer. Grounding for lazy people? hehe.

It's meant to be a supplement to your main grounding though.
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