My New Grounding Discovery!

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My New Grounding Discovery!

Postby SMode » Mon Jan 31, 2011 5:17 am

I`m in Japan for the past two months now and its really been great. here its so peaceful and beautiful, the city is so clean(Kobe City, I dont know about the other cities but they tell me it`s the same), the people here are so natural compare to new york where everyone seem so busy and uptight.

I dont really like to watch tv, but its awkward if I dont watch it with my aunt(filipina) and my uncle(japanese) when its the only time we see each other in the morning before they go to work. so for the past two months now I been watching tv almost every morning just to have a family time with them then I have the rest of the day to do what ever I want...anyways the tv shows here is not bad and the tv adds/commercial is like watching Palmy or SNSD sell stuff very natural and shockingly funny...anyways the show that my uncle like to watch is American Idol...usually TeVo from the night before

so we`ve been watching american idol a lot and I discovered something thats really obvious to some but not to me....

the guys who audition with the nicest, sweetest, sexiest, coolest and most beautiful voice all have one thing in common...they are all emotional...very very imotional...they all sing from deep emotional state...they sing with so great emotion they are almost crying and they usually do cry afterwards...

so I tried it. I tried singing while I am grounded with tears in my eyes and wow!!! I can sing I have a very beautiful voice with a very high range......I can reach a high note and a low note with ease and grace beautifully when Im grounded...

the more emotional I am the better my voice sounds

...and when I am not grounded my voice would go back to my original deep voice. I can sing a soft beautiful tenor and a strong beautiful bass...I am so happy right now its all I can say is WOW...thank GOD...I realize I have a beautiful voice now I just need a professional teacher to train my voice so I can sing like a pro YAY!...

My New Grounding Discovery is....

we all have the potentials to be great, in singing or dancing or what ever we want

we just need to give it our all

and the only way we can really give it our all is when we have our own heart in our hand and...

natural grounding helps us fully grasp our hearts :D
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Re: My New Grounding Discovery!

Postby Axeman » Thu Feb 03, 2011 8:55 pm

That's how it is with me when I'm grounded. I'll get really emotional and play guitar and out flows a bunch of beautiful licks and riffs. It's a great liberating experience. Grounding allows me to tap into the creativty we all naturally have. And when I'm too in my head I find myself thinking too much and trying to emulate my heroes and it sounds very unoriginal.
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Re: My New Grounding Discovery!

Postby camaleon » Sun Mar 13, 2011 3:25 am

I`m in Japan for the past two months now

Hi SMode, don't know if you're still there in Japan now, but I hope you and your relatives are fine.

Anyways I'll say some prayers for all the people from Japan.
I've known japanese people, they're nice, good and hard working people.

I'm worried because of the nuclear plants there.
My solidarity with the people from Japan.

Bye for now.
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Re: My New Grounding Discovery!

Postby mpgamer55 » Fri Mar 18, 2011 10:24 am

Yeah I hope you're doing alright man. Those quakes were nasty. Japan is an amazing country. I hope everything gets better soon.
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Re: My New Grounding Discovery!

Postby SMode » Fri Mar 18, 2011 1:07 pm

yeah...I'm ok...the quakes was really far away from where I live...and when it happened a day after I left Japan...to the Philippines...I'm going to be here for two months...then back to New York...

I advice everyone to travel the world at least once while your still young...it makes you appreciate everything more....

here's a cute youtube link for you guys to appreciate....100 something likes and 2 dislike...hehe

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