Do You Ever Watch Non-Natural Women Vidoes?

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Do You Ever Watch Non-Natural Women Vidoes?

Postby Zanther » Mon Nov 08, 2010 1:10 am

During a NG session, I became curious whether it would do any good to apply NG to more "pop" social media with the purpose of finding the natural feminine energy even in women aren't trying to display it.

Most women aren't readily in touch with this energy, and in many areas most women you meet when you go out are actually trying to suppress it and express the social media ideas of what she things being hot woman means.

Thus, would there be usefulness in practicing seeing the natural feminine energy in non-natural videos? Along with the natural videos of course.

Would this help reduce AA, since you can see the natural women in the "hot girl at the Hollywood type club"? Or would it just mess with you?

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Re: Do You Ever Watch Non-Natural Women Vidoes?

Postby Rion » Mon Nov 08, 2010 3:16 am

it can definitely be done but it is more advanced; i've done it. once you have a strong belief and core in polarity you will start to see through and know it's there even when it isn't.

others have also talked about kat english videos where she is more social.

i wouldn't do this for my serious, core grounding and peak state conditioning..i just know the nature is in them all anyways.

it can be a good test of your energy along with meeting actual women too though, to keep stretching it - but not as models of great energy.
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