Jen ai marre

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Jen ai marre

Postby Rion » Wed Oct 27, 2010 6:23 am

who ever said that sexploitation was 'the definition' of sexuality? it's all made up and contrived. that fantasy b.s. is what many men ended up believing and it threw them off from connection with women.

they became full of anxiety and doubt.

people just ended up believing it b/c it affected their sexual energy. the bullsh*t became their reality and it's all around so everyone thinks its actually real.

you have to know the reality which is stronger and is the truth (polarity) and that's when women will open up and believe in u

the 'jen ai marre' live stage performance of alizee is FAR more my pure definition of sexuality.

it's interesting how the self-help industry has vastly IGNORED sexual energy and been generally clueless to emotional energy (other than EFT and Sedona) all these decades.

heterosexual energy is the force of life. i believe in polarity. i empower that map and belief system. i am aligned with it and i know it is the absolute truth of what women know is real and what they want despite the b.s. of today.

the question is, do YOU believe it? to the core?

so it's up to each to change their definition of sexuality from the social contrived bullsh*t one you've been given to a more accurate one that is based on polarity (ref. 'take a chance' by abba)

just some thoughts

comments? comment allez-vous? :s

are we really THAT far ahead of the rest of the world (b/c i think we really are)? can i getta yemen?
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Re: Jen ai marre

Postby Ivanovich » Fri Oct 29, 2010 10:56 am

Yes we are. Most people would rather stay duped and "enslaved" and would actually resent it if you offered them the keys to their cage door.
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