After all these years: The Primary Secret to N.G.

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After all these years: The Primary Secret to N.G.

Postby Rion » Mon Oct 11, 2010 10:53 pm

Guys, since starting my peak state/holistic empowerment/egolessness business it is really skyrocketing my own state. This level of power and bliss isn't even FAIR it seems to those who are struggling!

But now I know what that struggle is. It's you vs. your ego.

It is clear to me now that the main secret of natural grounding (and relational meditation) is simply egolessness.

That is the single reason I'm light years ahead of guys who are still struggling. I see it all the time now very clearly from people asking me questions and in person.

It's the only reason (and that I've empowered and conditioned even stronger states of egolessness).

I've conditioned myself to be primarily egoless YEARS ago. It's not just emotional too, it's simply and primarily having your judgmental, warping, filtering and skewing mind out of the way or 'faded' so you can synergize in polarity with the power and bliss that is in front of you. It's really like 'meditating' to shakti energy.

All you have to be is egoless in relation to great shakti energy. This requires relational mastery as well so you're not bringing in ie. corruptive social value western sexploitation advertising videos into your consciousness.

In fact, after years a new, major and profound definition also finally struck me:

Shakti = egoless feminine energy

even empowered egoless energy.

that hit me during http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mN1RxixC-FU

in this video she is so egoless it is stunning. that's recently been a new favorite of mine.

In the context of N.G. or RELMED:
egolessness + relm = an INFINITE formula for empowerment and growth. and of course N.G. is done in a frame of polarity.

if you're not getting power or value out of your sessions it is only and ever because your ego and it's self-protective values are still in the way watching, 'judging' and filtering. it is preventing you from becoming one and synergizing with the power in front of you on an egoless and energy level.

it's taken me years to get this level of clarity on things but my 2x/week all-nighters have been paying off in major ways. now with the mindreel business going, things are getting insane.

i've had my own parallel findings to Eckhart Tolle except 'The Power of Now' really helped to clarify a lot of things.

so if you're still in your ego you are filtering and corrupting the value that is why. your main desire should be egolessness. silencing your judgmental mind is crucial.

a lot of people are still battling with the fight to silence their ego for years. now i am effectively teaching how to do it (in the other business).

i've finally clarified another breakthrough which may be the most important one in years. i now am subtitling it 'the billion dollar lesson'.

if you've struggled for years with not getting into real egolessness and peak state, this is the lesson, knowledge and information that can/will effectively bridge you over the hump. and as you may guess; it's never been taught before in history that i'm aware of.

all of the previous work was foundational to these levels of insights b/c the top spiritual leaders were never really able to tackle the gagnormous and complex dynamics of power and influence in behaviorism like we can.

since i've been on my OWN path of meditating to shakti energy, i wasn't walled in by the existing level of belief systems out there so i've been able to pioneer all kinds of high level stuff - you have access to the exact same source power (shakti).

this understanding...you'll see what i mean when you learn it. this TOP level powerful 'billion $ lesson' will practically help you to 'bridge' into egolessness. i'll be teaching it in my next business before here. i'll give a hint and it's called 'e3'.

i've finished a book called 'ego fading' that i'll make available to RELMer's this or next week. i may be moving everyone from RELM over to my peak state mailing list but you may have to click the confirm subscription option. i will make an announcement before i would do this.

you'll learn the lesson i'm thinking right away then. eventually i'll teach it here but there are a lot of things that are tighter, more focused with working on state, egolessness and energy in the other business.

remember; effectively being egoless when you're grounding is where it's at.

it is everything..from that foundation, then you can work on empowering those egoless states. just get in relation to bliss and you'll feel bliss.

with these new lessons i think a lot of guys will finally be breaking through to their own insane levels. it's coming.
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