Over 2 Years of Natural Grounding Here's a Nice Result....

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Over 2 Years of Natural Grounding Here's a Nice Result....

Postby aztecsfinest » Mon Oct 11, 2010 6:30 pm

I'm about to tell you something you may or may not want to hear/read/see. I'll keep it short.

NG is like a tree in my life that has causal branches in many directions dropping fruit and creating more nice and shiny things.
(e.g Without Ng I'd have never discovered The power of Now and that had massive affect on my life)

So I'm not gonna go flaming Natural Grounding any more than I'll flame David D or NLP.

I discovered though, that even with my old paradigm of women I still had success. Then it wasn'y so much my paradigm of women, rather than how I experienced myself.

NG has a place in this world, for me it didn't bring me success with women, it changed the rules that I followed. The rules of the PUA and the Social Matrix became void and suddenly women were easy to talk to.

That explains all the success I had.
As Corey Skyy said "Women are always putting themselves out there but men have so much crap on their magnets that they don't notice"
This is why The Kidd has his success, he values himself above women and can read minds...

Getting in to the habit of keeping my posts short so will elaborate more if there's interest!


1. Improve on your experience of yourself and women can get along with you and you'll enjoy life more

2. NG changes the rules and makes everything easier, it itself doesn't make you a chick magnet.

Someone: Yes it does!

Me: No... It really doesn't... Will elaborate if there's interest.

Someone: Okay!
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