A New Natural Grounding Guide..

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A New Natural Grounding Guide..

Postby Rion » Thu Oct 07, 2010 1:35 am

guys, i'm working on a new guide. it's going to be far shorter and simpler.

i haven't looked at the original at all since i wrote it until now, 4 years later or so and it makes me CRINGE. yikes. it should be taken completely offline.

i've evolved tremendously. i couldn't believe how much cringe-worthiness is in there even when you include the physical sexual reference side of women in with it (which it was all mixed in). i said things i regret b/c now i'm discreet and couldn't even believe i wrote some of it..still it can give a very distorted view of how things actually are b/c sexuality IS so dynamic.

i want to keep things more separate and keep shakti on it's own, untainted by ego, more based on a person's subjective experience as close as possible to the real thing.

a main point is to differentiate anything egoic or ego-based so that will be much of the future; making and empowering things more to an individual's experience with as much ego and distortion out of the way as possible.

yes n.g. can absolutely help with attraction and consenting adults connection but i'm more interested in a far safer and almost family friendly way of presenting it now. this doesn't take any power away though.

i apologize to everyone for the easy to judge and misjudge angles (which i agree with as well) of representing natural grounding in it's first couple of years. now we are FAR evolving.

it's just difficult being an authority on sexuality and not talking about sexual things. sexuality is very dynamic and now we're just going to keep things far more untainted by ego and physicality so that people can find their own infinite, pure inspiration off of shakti and natural grounding.

compare superhalo to the original n.g. guide and you'll see i've greatly evolved. i hope we can forget the past. i'll release the new guide when it is ready and (BURN THE OLD ONE)
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Re: A New Natural Grounding Guide..

Postby yoyoyo » Fri Oct 08, 2010 7:20 am

rion i think you should talk about the kundalini sexual energy in the guide which you refer to as shakti, the same energy different name i think you should describe in the book the way it feels so people know there on the right track when they feel it
some describtions could be goosebump like feelings all over your body, hairs standing up, or whole body orgasm feelings, and so on
i think it would help them
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