Some Top Level Reality Brent Clips

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Some Top Level Reality Brent Clips

Postby Rion » Fri Feb 03, 2012 5:27 pm


I've hand selected these as extremely important 'top of the line' level reinforcers for single men.

Keep in mind that the level of liberty we're talking about is for single women as well in that they could actually be this liberated from social expectations or standards to have their own dating empowerment w/o needing to 'court' men.

Single women and men date and do things that aren't always socially acceptable to talk about except somehow literally if it's on a t.v. show. But this is real life.

Women talk about these things in their inner circles and as men, we're more open about the conversation online. B/c the West is so repressed in many ways, someone like Brent (or even a Howard Stern is going to get a lot of drama coming at them in different ways by just saying what's really going on underneath).

It's happening anyways, Brent just helps to lock in and bring it out in the open (at the highest levels) whether mainstream can handle it or not.

He's NOT about manipulating women at all..it's really about empowering them in new ways.

B/c I've stopped teaching certain things, I can still refer people to him...he's saying things that I can't or won't b/c I'm heading in a different direction for teaching but I can't deny the reality of being single and actively dating.

Again, he's one of the very few who I've found that I can keep learning from and he's into a lot of similar things now in his evolution (Sedona, personal growth, education reform, Eckhart, Course in Miracles now, amazing social lifestyle, forming your reality, non-attachment, freedom, etc).

You may want to consider creating a subliminal audio loops of the key components in these clips (hint, hint) and use it as a reinforcer to take you to the top, rewrite your story and embed it into your belief system. (I just gave away a BIG secret right there ;).
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